Hearing Verse of Sajdah

Q: 1. If 2 people are reciting Qur’an, while one is reciting aloud, and recites an Ayah (verse) of Sajda, is it necessary for the other person to make a Sajda as well, even though the other person was occupied with recitation as well, although in a soft tone?
2. If one is reciting aloud and the other is busy with some task, if the Ayah of Sajda is recited, does it become necessary for the person who was not listening consciously to make Sajda?

A1. If the other person heard the Aayat of Sajdah, he too will have to make the Sajdah of Tilaawat.

A2. The same applies here: if he heard the Aayat of Sajdah being recited aloud, Sajdah will be compulsory on him although he was not listening attentively. However, if he had not heard the Aayat of Sajdah then it would not be compulsory on him to make the Sajdah.

It is best for the person reciting Qur’aan to recite the Aayat of Sajdah softly to himself so that the Sajdah does not become compulsory on others.

Moulana Yusuf Laher
Checked by: Mufti Siraj Desai