Incontinence and Urine Drops

Q: Some time after passing urine some urine drops come out. To prevent this drops to soil my underpants I use tissue. Sometimes when I reach the Masjid the toilets are so filthy that you can't sit and wash properly. My question is: can I just take out tissue (if the tip of the private part is dry) and make wudhu and read my salaah? Do I have to repeat my Namaz again?
A: It is enough to remove the tissue paper and make wudhu. You don't need to make istinjaa again. If any drops had emerged then the tissue paper would have absorbed and soaked up those drops, so your underwear and private part had not become impure.
Therefore, just make a fresh wudhu and offer the salaah. There is no need to repeat any salaah at all.

Mufti Siraj Desai