Intention and Miqaat

Q: I recently performed umrah with my 18 year old son. During the flight from Riyadh to Jeddah we were not advised correctly of the miqaat point by the flight attendants. We made the intention however 15-20 mins prior to landing in Jeddah. However my son isn’t sure if he prayed the talbiyah. Please advise if our umrah is accepted or is a penalty due?

A: By the time you made the intention, you were well over the meeqaat, so a penalty of a Dum (sacrifice) is necessary on both of you. Two animals will be sacrificed; one for you and one for him. It has to be done within the precincts of the Haram but can be done at anytime. If you have already left, then you can send the money with someone who will get it done on your behalf.

Although reciting of the Talbiyah is compulsory, omission does not necessitate a penalty.

Moulana Yusuf Laher