Itikaaf in Non Waqf

Q: Can musallees sit in Itikaaf in a musjid if it’s not waqf? And if they do sit not knowing it’s waqf,what then?

A: I’tikaaf cannot be made in a place of worship that has not been declared Musjid. Declaring it a Musjid means making it waqf for that purpose. I’tikaaf is only valid in a Musjid wherein five daily salaah with jamaat takes place.

If people unknowingly made I’tikaaf in a place that had not been declared as waqf, for example, in a musallaa then their I’tikaaf is not counted, though they won’t be sinful since they were not aware of its status. It is therefore imperative that the trustees or organisers of such a project inform the musallees of the exact status of such a Musalla/Musjid.

Allah Ta’ala knows best

Mufti Siraj Desai