Method of Sitting and Reciting Quraan

Q: I enjoy reading the Quraan. Usually when I sit on the musalla and face the qibla and read the Quraan, I tend to get so engrossed in it that I spend hours reading the Quraan. I have noticed that I experience a lot of pain in both my knees during sitting on the ground whilst reciting Quraan, so I tend to keep moving in different positions but yet still be sitting. What are the best methods to make tilaawat (recital) of the Quraan and could I rest my back against a wall whilst reciting Quraan and Zikr?

A. Because you are experiencing pain when sitting on the floor, you will be allowed to sit on a chair when reciting Qur’aan. The alternative is to sit on the floor for a while, thereafter on a chair and then back to the floor, alternating between the two.

When reading Qur’aan one is only allowed to lean against the wall if one has a back problem, otherwise not. However, this is permissible when making Zikr but not preferable

And Allah knows best

Mufti Siraj Desai