Miscarriage and Umrah

Q: I am going on umrah but just found out I am pregnant. If for some reason I have miscarriage is it possible to do umrah and pray Salaah? If I have any kind of bleeding could I contuine with my umrah and prayers?

A: If a lady has a miscarriage and parts of the foetus are formed such as fingers or hair, then any bleeding that follows will be regarded as nifaas (bleeding post childbirth). In this case the lady will not be able to read salaah or perform tawaaf. (Al Fatawa Al Hindiyyah 1:37) If she performs tawaaf in this state it will be valid but a damm (sacrifice of goat or sheep) will become compulsory.

If no part of the foetus is formed, then the bleeding that follows the miscarriage will be regarded as Haidh (menstrual bleeding) if it occurs at least 15 days after her last Haidh and lasts for a minimum of three days. In this case too, she will not be able to perform tawaaf. If she does so, a dam will become due, but her tawaaf will be valid.

The dum for performing waajib tawaaf in a napaak state is one goat or sheep. But note that if she repeats the tawaaf later in a paak state, before returning home, the dum will fall away.

And Allah Ta’ala knows best

Mufti Siraj Desai