Objections Against Allah

Q: A Hindu Atheist made this statement:  I'd rather go to hell than be with your Allah. He's nothing but a vengeful bully. (May Allah save us from such statements). What is your response?
A: Perhaps you are not aware of the meaning of Allah. Allah is the Arabic word for God, which Hindus will refer to as Raam, and in Hindi Khuda or Parmechar, etc. These are all the Names of God in the different languages. So my friend, the God that created you and all mankind, as well as every single creation is the same, call him God, Allah, Raam, of whatever.


Perhaps you may have denounced God and choose to abandon your belief in Him, as I see from the name submitted in your email "a athiest hindu". But then your statement that God is a "vengeful bully" is a contradiction, because there you are admitting there IS A God and that He brings about events in this world that you describe as bulliness and vengance! If you prefer to call yourself an athiest, meaning one who does not believe in a God, then how come you attribute events in this world to a God? So before we proceed with any logical debate on the existence of God, I need to know from you whether you do hold a belief in God and subsequently attribute all the mayhem and evil in this World to Him, or don't you believe in a God, then you need to explain whom are you referring to as "a vengeful bully"