Power Balance Band

Q: Is the Power balance band superstition? Is it permissible for Muslims to wear such bands? Is it a style or trend from the West?

A. Research on the internet shows that many people believe this to be a scam. In fact, on NeuroLogicaBlog it is mentioned that the manufacturers have apologized for this scam: “…no credible scientific evidence that supports our claim…” 

This band contains a holograph which in simple terms is a sophisticated photo image. We doubt that this band has any benefits and it is best to refrain from using it.

Mufti Siraj adds:

There does not seem to be any scientific or real evident to support the claims manufacturers are making about this bracelet. Therefore, it appears to be more of a lucky charm or amulet than a real object of benefit. On this basis we say it is not permissible to wear such a bracelet, because in the absence of any real benefit, the wearer is more likely to consider it a lucky talisman. This type of belief is prohibited in the Hadeeth.

Allah Ta’aala knows best. 

Moulana Yusuf Laher
Checked by: Mufti Siraj Desai