Sinning and Feeling Uneasy

Q: I read that one  of the worldly harms of sinning is that the sinner feels uneasy in the presence of men, especially good and pious men. Could you explain what that means? I feel uneasy around all men, especially the practicing men. I don't understand.

A. This refers to people of the same sex. So men who do sin will feel uneasy and awkward in the presence of good and pious men. Likewise, women who live a sinful life will feel out of place in the presence of good, pious women. The wording in that book should read: ‘they feel uneasy in the presence of people, especially the good and pious people’.

Women will segregate themselves from men at all times and SHOULD feel uneasy in the presence of other men, just as you are feeling uneasy.

Mufti Siraj Desai