Types of Impermissible Employment

Q: I have a question about permissability of accepting employment with prospective employers. What type of businesses is one not allowed to be employed by? Can one be employed by a butcher business that sells halaal and non-halaal meats? Or retail stores that sell clothing and/or food that one is not allowed to wear and/or eat?

A: In today’s times there are thousands of different types of professions and jobs. Some of these are totally contrary to Shariah, while others contain one or more elements that are haraam. We cannot give a general ruling or blanket statement to govern all of these. Each employment must be considered separately as the ruling will differ from one employment to another. We advise people to ask about the particular job they intend intend taking up.

Regarding the butchery, it is haraam to work in a non Muslim butchery because all the meat is haraam and they will also sell pig. However, if one is employed there to supervise halaal meat that is sold, and one is certain that such meat really comes from a halaal source, then such employment is lawful. In that case, the employee has to be extra-vigilant in making sure only halaal meat is sold.

As regards retail stores, working there is totally permissible, regardless of the type of clothing they sell.

And Allah Ta’ala knows best

Mufti Siraj Desai