When Ghusl Becomes Necessary

Q: Is ghusal (bath) necessary only to occurrances related to a sexual nature i.e.semen/discharge? The reason why I ask this is as follows, there are instances sometimes while making istinja whereby water splashes onto the area exposed when using a high pan toilet. If water splashes, is ghusal required? To clear any misunderstanding on the question, if a person sits on a high pan and urinates, then washes, the water which is being poured falls into the pan onto the water inside which splashes up against the body. In this instance, is ghusal required? Further to this, if when using a public toilet, for example at the airport or mall, I cover the entire seat and floor with paper before sitting, but if fluid touches me – unknown fluid, can be water or urine or any other fluid of which I do not know for sure what it is, do I need to make ghusal?

Is ghusal required for these instances or is ghusal only required for instances of a sexual nature?

A. Ghusl is necessary (Fardh) when there is a discharge of semen through intercourse, Ihtilaam (wet dream), or when the male private part enters the female private part, even if there is no ejaculation.

In all other cases you mentioned, Ghusl is not necessary. If the water/fluid that splashed onto the clothing or body is impure, washing that section will suffice.

Do not create unnecessary doubt in your mind. If you are sure that the fluid is impure, wash it off, otherwise ignore it. 

Moulana Yusuf Laher
Checked by: Mufti Siraj Desai